Assured waterproofing of surfaces under constant water exposure

We have developed a 1-component sealant especially for sealing the surfaces of reinforced concrete elements that are constantly exposed to water. It is based on a patented pre-polymer blend that practically absorbs no water whatsoever and is therefore ideally suited to permanently sealing earth-retaining building elements.

As the sealant adheres to almost all substrates and can be applied quickly and easily using all common methods such as with a roller, a brush, a scraper, a piston pump or a cartridge gun, it can also be used for the external, full-surface sealing of construction joints or crack-control joints with or without reinforcement fabric or for the cost-effective waterproofing of cast-in-place concrete or prefab walls.

The weather resistance and the excellent versatility of the patented material make our single component sealants real all-rounders in surface sealing. Various experts’ reports confirm this quite categorically.

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