Professional structural repairs ensure and maintain the structure’s function and fabric

Carrying out structural repairs in good time on existing surface or subsurface structures ensures and maintains the function and fabric of the structure. That’s because every building is subject sooner or later to the ravages of time. Cracks in the walls, minor leaks and penetrating moisture appear at first to be harmless but lead quickly to major damage and in the worst cases to the loss of the building’s structural rigidity meaning it’s in danger of collapse.

To ensure that it doesn’t come to this, we look forward to receiving your call beforehand – preferably as soon as the first minor damage has been recognised. We will gladly come to visit you and accompany you on an inspection of the damaged building free of charge, after which we will then compile an individual plan for the professional restoration of the structure. The sooner the damage is repaired, the more time and money is saved in the long run.

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