Retrofitted horizontal damp-proof barrier to combat rising damp

A horizontal damp-proof barrier in brickwork serves to prevent soil moisture rising by capillary action through the finest of openings in the wall, commonly known as rising damp. This not only leads to damp walls, but can also bring with it additional damage due to salts contained in the water such as a mould infestations, efflorescence or spalling.

To combat this, new structures are built today with a horizontal damp-proof barrier as standard. Buildings without a barrier or with a malfunctioning barrier can still be protected from rising damp with a retrofitted damp-proof barrier installed by injection.

This is carried out by drilling boreholes into the wall in a specific pattern and inserting injection lances into these. The arrangement of the boreholes is determined by our specialists depending on the type of wall. Normally, the boreholes are positioned in single or multiple rows. Drilling may take place from inside, outside or both, depending on the wall’s accessibility.

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