Waterproofing fresh concrete with the first pre-applied bonding membrane with reactive properties

Basements in buildings nowadays tend to be used for meaningful purposes thus increasing the importance of permanently and securely waterproofing all underground building elements. The best results here come from fresh concrete bonding systems in which a sheet membrane is placed beneath the base slab or in the open formwork which then forms a strong mechanical bond with the concrete while it is setting.

The innovative hydrophilic sheet membrane Polyfleece SX® 1000 from StekoX is not only perfectly suited for bonding to and waterproofing fresh concrete, the membrane goes one step further: it even seals any damage to its own coating which has occurred during installation.

The patent-pending, extremely resistant waterproofing sheet features a unique hydrophilic coating that absorbs some of the water contained in the concrete while concreting is taking place. As a result, pressure then builds up between the concrete surface and the ground flanking the structure ensuring a watertight seal.

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