Professional crack repair with StekoX

Cracks in brickwork or in concrete walls are the visible signs of construction faults that only become apparent when the crack is discovered. By repairing the crack in time expensive subsequent damage can be avoided. Professional crack repair is much more than simply filling in the crack. What applies first and foremost is finding the cause of the crack and rectifying it.

Cracks always occur when the natural movement of the materials within the structure are not taken into full consideration during construction. Concrete and all other building materials undergo constant changes for instance with variations in temperature. Constructive measures such as expansion joints allow for these natural changes. If these movements are ignored and such building components are fixed firmly in place, the resulting forces have to be channelled somewhere resulting in cracks.

It’s well worth asking the experts as soon as a crack appears. We repair structural cracks and dynamic cracks making, as a result, a contribution to the structures long-term value.

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