On-site construction supervision for guaranteed waterproof building

Professional structural waterproofing requires extensive know-how and practical experience in working with modern waterproofing technologies. These are skills that not every tradesman has. Thankfully there are the construction supervisors from StekoX. Trained specialists will accompany your project from the very start and will be available as a contact partner on the building site during all building phases. The result: guaranteed waterproof building.

We are the experts when it comes to monitoring the preparation work, implementing and testing the structural waterproofing. In all cases it is worth assigning an expert to supervise construction because errors or inaccuracies in structural waterproofing are normally expensive. They damage the structure and lead to more expensive subsequent damage being caused. Conducting post-construction waterproofing is almost always possible, it is cheaper however to ensure that the work has been carried out professionally in the building phase. Give us a call, we’ll gladly offer you our advice.

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