SwellproofX® 1 / SwellproofX® 1 SW s used for sealing two concrete sections. The innovative polymer-based hydrophilic water bar SwellproofX® 1 / SwellproofX® 1 SW is a thermoplastic elastomer that swells when in contact with moisture. It is characterized by its excellent elasticity and high tensile strength.

The polymer-based hydrophilic water bar SwellproofX® 1 is used to seal traditional construction joints between two concrete sections, but it also finds widespread use in various types of chute and prefabricated constructions as well as with regard to tunnel lining segments.

Due to its high resistance to acids, alkalis, organic solutions, etc., SwellproofX® 1 is suitable for a wide range of applications (sewage works, biogas plants, rainwater overflow basins, slurry pits, etc.).

The swelling action is also reversible. In an installed state, no major shrinkage is possible as this can only take place by expelling the surrounding air.

Building elements in areas with varying water tables are guaranteed a watertight seal.

SwellproofX® 1 SW has been especially developed for salt water. Special, hydrophilic polymers also ensure a controlled swelling process under salt water conditions.

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