Hydrophilic water bars

Hydrophilic water bars

Hydrophilic water bars for permanent joint sealing

Using hydrophilic water bars to permanently seal joints when building watertight structures has proven itself for decades. StekoX® offers a large selection of sturdy hydrophilic water bars for all imaginable purposes. All hydrophilic water bars in the BentoproofX® series have been approved by building authorities. They are made of sodium bentonite and their solid structure turns into a plastic compound on contact with water which can penetrate fine cracks and cavities.

BentoproofX® 1 and Bentoproof black are used to seal construction joints in concrete structures and can withstand a constant head of water of up to 5 bar. Bentoproof black PLUS is additionally equipped with a protective coating which prevents premature swelling thus allowing installation in all weather conditions. Bentoproof Injekt (PLUS) is the combination of two active joint sealing systems. The system consists of the WaterproofX 1 injection hose and either the Bentoproof black or the Bentoproof black PLUS hydrophilic water bar.

PolyproofX® 1 is a swellable, thermo-plastic elastomer whose swelling action is triggered by moisture. It is characterised by its high elasticity and tensile strength. This reliable hydrophilic water bar finds widespread use in the construction of chutes and prefab components as well as with regard to tubbing segments. And with PolyproofX® 1 Inject, StekoX® offers a combined solution that allows supplementary injection.

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