Stop end panels

StekoX® Stop End Panels are made of 1.5mm-thick, finely woven expanded metal with a welded-in metal waterstop. They serve as stop ends for water-bearing construction joints in base slabs and walls. As with permanent formwork, the stop end panels remain in place after concreting takes place. That provides additional stability and also saves costs that would otherwise be spent on dismantling, cleaning and return transport.

All StekoX® stop end panels come with the choice of two different surfaces: blank or with the tried and tested coating from the AquaproofX® 1 metal waterstop system. There is also a choice of lengths: either the 3-meter long standard element or custom lengths manufactured specifically for your project. Whichever you choose, high quality and a high utility value are guaranteed. Give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.

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