Joint sealing profiles

Joint sealing profiles

Flexible joint sealing with joint profiles

In contrast to the immovable metal waterstops, joint profiles can be used in all situations where joints have to absorb structural movement and therefore also have to be agile. StekoX® has the right joint profile for every purpose:

Clamp Joint SX® is used for the post-construction sealing of expansion joints. Thanks to its special design, the seal can be inserted into expansion joints in a quick, easy and secure way. It can withstand any water pressure from behind trying to force the seal back out of the joint.

Prefabricated concrete joints are sealed with the Compression Joint SX® 1 – a seal with both a compression and swellable action. The two outer compression seals are compacted during installation. The centrally positioned hydrophilic water bar functions as an additional seal.

The SX® Knock-in Profile is a compression seal with an elastomer base which can be used with joints that are openly exposed to weathering and chemical contamination thanks to its high resistance to chemicals, ozone and UV rays.

The Polymer Quellpaste SX® 100 is a swellable, adhesive sealant ideally suited for securing hydrophilic water bars and joint profiles, for levelling concrete surfaces and for sealing construction joints and kicker joints.

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