Injection systems

Injection systems

Injection systems and injection hoses for waterproofing new buildings

Injection technology has its origins in building restoration. Here, the purpose of the injection system is to seal cracks and faults caused by penetrating water. Part of the procedure involves filling, normally under pressure, specifically positioned boreholes with a suitable injection grout thus ensuring that the structure is once again watertight.

In new buildings, injection systems have, in particular, established themselves for the purpose of sealing construction joints in concrete structures. Injection hoses are laid between two concrete sections and are injected with a suitable grout to seal the construction joint once the concrete has completely set. This has become known as active joint sealing as the grout actively spreads throughout the joint.

StekoX® offers a wide range of injection hoses for all needs and demands. The round WaterproofX® 1 injection hose can be injected with all types of grout. It is available as a complete set and is suitable for multiple injections. Also round, the SX® 1 injection hose is particularly easy to lay thanks to semicircular indentations which allow it to lie flush with the surface. The WaterproofX® 100 injection system with its unique hexagonal cross-section offers the best wall-to-volume ratio. It’s also available as the WaterproofX® 100 FSI system which has been especially developed for top injection with a mineral grout.
The Varioclix® injection hose connector is also somewhat revolutionary and can be used with all StekoX® injection systems and every type of installation.

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