Grouting material + equipment

Grouting material + equipment

Injection pumps, borehole packers and grouts

To ensure our innovative injection systems bring the best results on the building site, we also have top quality injection equipment and practical grouts for all areas of application.

Injection pumps

We offer a selection of injection pumps depending on the chosen injection process, grout and pressure. Whether a light, manual piston pump for low-pressure injection, a powerful membrane pump or a convenient 2-component injection pump with external flush pump for handling acrylic gels, at StekoX® you will find exactly the right injection pump for your structural waterproofing project.

Borehole packers

The high quality fibreglass borehole packers from StekoX® are certified to withstand an injection pressure of up to 300 bar and thanks to predetermined breaking points are easy to remove. The fibreglass 1-day packer can be removed directly after injection has taken place.

Injection material

The right grout for every waterproofing job. PUR injection resin serves as a horizontal damp-proof barrier, FoamStop for sealing pressurised cracks and EP-resin for dry cracks. 4C polymer gel matrix is a reactive injection material with excellent characteristics. The ultra-fine inkjet injection mortar and our fine injection cement round off the choice of grouting materials.

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