Fresh concrete bonding systems - Hydrophilic sheet membranes

Fresh concrete bonding systems - Hydrophilic sheet membranes

The first fresh concrete bonding membrane with reactive properties: Polyfleece SX 1000 from StekoX®

Our newly developed, patent-pending Polyfleece SX 1000 is a high-quality composite sheet membrane that features a unique hydrophilic coating. It can be used like a pre-applied waterproofing membrane for creating a mechanical bond to fresh concrete or used later for full-surface external waterproofing. The coating, made of modified polymers, expands on contact with water and forms a particularly effective seal due to its 150 percent expansion rate.

For the post-construction full-surface sealing of existing structures, the coated side of the hydrophilic membrane is stuck directly to the concrete surface. Swelling pressure triggered by moisture is built up which even seals any punctures in the membrane caused during installation. Polyfleece SX 1000 is extremely resistant and can withstand temperatures of between minus 40 and 100 degrees Celsius.

When being used as a fresh concrete seal the membrane is laid out with the coated side towards the blinding (ground slab) or fixed to the formwork (in-situ concrete wall). The reinforcements are installed on the uncoated side of the membrane which absorbs some of the water contained within the concrete. The concrete engages thoroughly with the membrane resulting in a secure and effective mechanically bonded seal.

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