1-component sealants

1-component sealants

1-component sealant for the optimum sealing of reinforced concrete structures

FlexproofX® 1 is a single component sealant that has been especially developed for the external waterproofing of reinforced concrete component surfaces which are constantly exposed to water. It is based on a patented pre-polymer mixture that reacts in particular with hydroxyl groups which can also be found in concrete. Because of this, the sealant absorbs practically no water making it ideal for permanently sealing all earth-retaining elements in reinforced concrete structures.

The 1-component sealant FlexproofX® 1 is available in a variety of viscosities:

  • FlexproofX® 1 firm
  • FlexproofX® spray
  • FlexproofX® 1 NV low viscosity
  • FlexproofX® 1 2C
  • FlexproofX® 1 1C

As the sealants adhere to almost all substrates and can be applied quickly and easily using all common methods such as with a roller, a brush, a scraper, a piston pump or a cartridge gun, they can also be used for the external, full-surface sealing of construction joints or crack-control joints with or without reinforcement fabric or for the cost-effective waterproofing of cast-in-place concrete or prefab walls.

The weather resistance and the excellent versatility of the patented material make our single component sealants real all-rounders in surface sealing and exterior waterproofing.

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