Innovative, in-house produced waterproofing technology

StekoX’s waterproofing technology is 100% “Made in Germany”. Our innovative products are developed and produced at the company’s headquarters in Magstadt, close to Stuttgart. Opened in 2012, our new production hall is equipped with the very latest manufacturing technology so that we can be flexible and can react quickly and individually to the wishes of our customers.

We don’t just sell waterproofing systems, we pay particular attention ensuring that our products are attuned exactly to your building needs. We’ll provide every special length or the exact product-specific dimensions required for your project. Simply ask us, we’ll be delighted to help.

Hydrophilic water bars, injection hoses, metal waterstops, fresh concrete bonding sheets and much, much more: Our products cover the complete spectrum of professional waterproofing technology. It goes without saying that we’ll accompany your project directly from the building site, train the workers to handle our products and offer further services when needed regarding anything to do with waterproofing structures.


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